Monday, June 27, 2005

The Wrath of the Twig

Who ever thought being lazy and drinking beer would have been beneficial? Midway through our softball game on Friday, I volunteered to throw with someone between innings to loosen their arm. After a wild throw, I had to go run off into the woods to find the ball. Out of no-where this twig grabs hold of my foot and rocks my ankle. Solid. I could've just sat on the bench and drank beer and waited my turn to bat, instead I'm hobbling around, even today. Mother nature, you sick woman!

In other news, the Greek Festival was this weekend and I went twice, Saturday and Sunday. You can never get enough beer and wine. Unless its Sunday, then you can't get any wine, which is ultra-lame.

Finally, I've been schooling myself in the computer sciences lately since my PC's hard drive has come down with a case of the squeeks. I had to install a new one and I'm still puzzled on what to do with the old one. There's a lot of valuable documents (porn) on that drive. For you zero readers out there, I may or may not let you know what I'll be doing.

Fourth of July is this weekend, but I have yet to decide on whether to head back to Louisville to attend Blow Up St. Matthews.


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