Friday, July 01, 2005

Love the Heat: July-Style

As we coast into the toasty month of July, UC celebrates entry into the Big East conference. I dragged myself out of bed before 9AM for the first time in weeks to limp my way down to campus. For just showing up, I got a new UC hat with the italicized C-paw. I was actually looking forward to the donuts and hecklers of the university president. The donuts were delicious, but the hecklers did not show. I suspect they will be out en mass this afternoon downtown. Just suck down your pride and re-sign Huggins. He's gonna die of a heart attack within 5 years anyway, why not ride him out.

The July 4th weekend should be fun since I'm taking off early to head back to Louisville, and I'm getting tired of my apartment. I should probably drink heavily in order to avoid getting bummed over not being able to move around, stupid twig.


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