Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Armageddon is upon us!

As its been a while since I last posted something, I should preface by saying I have spent the last two months doing a lot of travelling and watching worlds collide.

Trip 1: N'Awlins Part 2

Most sequels aren't as good as the first one, and this one was good, but not the same calibur as the original. Besides, there isn't much that can top a bachelor party on Bourbon St. However, since NO one will be visiting Bourbon St. any time soon, I feel glad I took this trip (see below). I helped move a freind down there to Tulane, so I've never lifted and moved boxes and furniture that fast before. Besides, the faster I get that done, the sooner I hit the booze. Speaking of hitting booze, here's a picture of Alier defining the term "shit-faced."
The place wasn't as hopping as it was in April, but we still had a good time. In addition, the second time driving to and from New Orleans makes you hate Alabama and Mississippi that much more. I am seriously going to make some kind of plan for getting high-speed trains installed across the U.S. Hell, with gas prices raping everyone, who wouldn't be for this idea. I could probably run for the presidency on that platform alone, well.. that and social Darwinism (but that's another story).

Trip 2: The Corn Desert

If you've never been to Iowa, South Dakota, or Minnesota, you have no idea how AWESOME corn is! Ok, its not really that awesome, but apparently they think so. Its everywhere! I think people there even grow in their basements so they can smoke it. Its in the gasoline, which is nice since it cuts the cost down. How come the rest of the country isn't dispensing corn-gas? I'm sure there is some conspiracy to this, but I'll let some liberal whacko write a manifesto on that issue.
The reason for this trip was to visit Michelle's family. I kind of prefer driving 10-20 minutes to see my grandparents and relatives within the close confines of Louisville, but driving 200 hours isn't too bad either.
Makes you appreciate family a little more I suppose. On the way back, we stopped at the Mall of America, which is pretty huge, not as massive as I had expected, but it is still immense. Although we didn't spend much time there (I'm sure you could spend weeks there and not see all of it), I did swing by the LEGO store just to satisfy my inner-child. There were some impressive displays there as you can see. I'm not a huge Star Wars fanatic, but a life-size Boba-Fet and scale model of a star destroyer are jaw-droppers nonetheless.

End of the World - Part 1

Since there are about 1000 articles and I've gotten about 1 million emails from the forum on this issue, I won't beleaguer the point. Bob Huggins' firing from UC is a sad day for UC Basketball and all college men's basketball. Even if you hate UC and Huggins, you have to respect the fact he was competitive and put a team out there that hustled and played hard all the time. With the cry-babies in the NBA, having a hard-nosed college basketball team to root for made everyone in Cincinnati proud. I'm all for improving UC's image, but targeting an aggressive basketball coach and team wasn't the right path. If you really want to make UC a 24-hour campus and draw students, you may want to do something about the drug dealers, gun-toting teenagers, and dude-rapers (you heard me right, DUDE-RAPERS). Now, the area around campus has improved dramatically even since I've lived here, but it still needs work. Disenfrancising the community isn't going to help improve the neighborhood. Massive fan crowds coming to UC basketball games encouraged economic development around campus, and that investment leads to improved neighborhoods. Nancy Zimpher has an agenda for UC, but I'm skeptical whether it still is improving the campus or making it her personal Duke.

End of the World - Part 2

Hurricane Katrina was one huge bitch. Not only did it slap around southern Florida, it hammered Gulf Shores AGAIN! Thats like the 5th hurricane to hit Gulf Shores in some fashion in two years. That place is great, but this is ridiculous. Despite this, Katrina had to move to the upper echelon of bitchness and slam New Orleans. As I mentioned above, I'm glad I got to visit before this because there won't be many people partying on Bourbon St. for a while, a long while, unless they are in boats (which would not surprise me in N'Awlins). Despite the catasrophe, this could have been much worse, and I know the U.S. will get together and overcome this like we do everything else. I am a Bush supporter, but I'm glad he isn't able to serve another term because I don't think we need another huge disaster in four years. Just something to think about, especially since I know there are people out there blaming Bush for the hurricane and somehow he is in cahoots with the oil companies to raise the gas prices.

Redemption! - Part 1

Despite all the travelling and recent bad news, we had some good times this past weekend. The girls threw a "Stock-the-Bar" party which was great success. Headlined by Booker, who had a little Zuul in him. We began the day at Kings Island where we finished it with several go-arounds on White Water Canyon. You haven't had a true trip to Kings Island if you haven't had ridden White Water Canyon 10 times at the end of the day. Riding home drenched to the bone is a sure-fire indication of a satisfying day. Following that, we partied all night, with the exception of the keg running out, which was easily remedied by raiding the freshly stocked bar (some people will learn).

Redemption! - Part 2

Fantasy football season begins and if you've never played, you should.
Its an addictive past-time which makes the NFL season supremely exciting because you actually care about the Lions if you have a fantasy player from there. This year, I expanded the family league to 6 teams including Ty and Michelle. Ty's team VigoNtheCarpathians is a classic and the matchup between his and my team, Griffith's Revenge, will be a memorable (if not hilarious) game.

Hopefully, I will update my page a little more often than every two months, and since football season is beginning, I should have plenty to talk, and brag, about.


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